Deep Southern Tradition Found in Cleveland!

Option# 1: Pre-sales:
This is the most popular. Each participant takes an order form around to friends, family, and neighbors. Payments are collected as orders are taken. After a sufficient time that you have set up to collect all the orders, you tally up the number of bags needed and let us know the results.
We pop it fresh and then deliver it to your group on a predetermined time and date and they deliver it to their customers. Please deliver within a few days to ensure maximum freshness.

Option# 2: Direct Sales:
Your group can purchase Savannah's  Kettle Corn at our special fundraising price for
resale. This option works well for organizations that have opportunity to sell directly to large groups over a one or two day period. For example, a youth group may purchase our kettle corn to sell outside of high traffic venues such as sporting events or high volume retail outlets.

Option# 3: Bring us to your event:
We could attend your event if the anticipated attendance exceeds 1000. The fun
and excitement of popping kettle corn is always a crowd-pleaser and your sales will soar!
With a few volunteers from your group to assist in sales, we will help you reach your fundraising goals!

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